Batteries and Electrical Systems

You can have the finest new vehicle there is, but the fact remains the same – if you don’t have a battery, you’re not getting very far. At Signature Tire, we can help ensure that you’ve got the best possible battery for your vehicle installed so you’re ready to go.Batteries and electrical | Batterie et systèmes électriquesAs with everything, some batteries are simply better than others and their cost will usually reflect that. Price will often be a factor in determining how long your battery is going to last, as well as any associated warranty it comes with. This means that you may need a replacement battery a lot sooner than you think. When you head into your local Signature Tire, our service technicians will be able to check your battery and charging system in no time.

Choosing the Best Batteries

If it’s time to change your battery, it’s important to select one that:

  • Fits in your vehicle’s battery tray. Being properly held in place will prevent your battery from being damaged by vibration.
  • Meets or exceeds the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating recommended for your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to find your vehicle’s CCA rating.
  • Has an adequate Reserve Capacity (RC). The RC allows accessories to run while still having enough power to start the engine of your vehicle.
  • Offers large capacity for driving in the extreme cold. this is especially important for drivers facing a Canadian winter. Even if it’s fully charged, your battery can lose approximately 40% of its cranking power as the temperature drops from 27ºC to -18ºC.

Wear and Tear on Batteries

Modern vehicles are loaded with impressive extras and features which, while convenient,  put a lot of strain on your battery. If you frequently find yourself using features such as the air conditioning, the seat heaters, the DVD player for the kids in the back seat, or the sensors that monitor your speed and surroundings, you may want to have your battery checked as part of regular scheduled maintenance to ensure it’s still in good condition. Even if your vehicle is left parked for a lengthy period of time, these features can still cause a consistent small drain on the battery, which is definitely something worth keeping in mind.Many batteries can last up to three years, and even longer with proper maintenance. That said, even if you are diligent, you may still find yourself in a situation with a dead battery. If this is the case, contact your local Signature Tire immediately and we’ll be more than happy to help get you and your vehicle moving again.