When you’re driving your vehicle, your speed is controlled by more than just how far you press down on the gas pedal. As a matter of fact, you can press down as hard as you like, but without a functioning transmission, you’re not going to get very far. Your local Signature Tire knows this, which is why they’re pleased to offer a full range of transmission services.

How Does a Transmission Work?

Transmissions, in their simplest form, consist of sets of gears along a pair of shafts that engage with one another as you pick up speed. Manual transmissions achieve this through the use of a foot clutch and a shifting stick to move between gears, while automatic transmissions, as their name suggests, are automated. There are a variety of transmissions available that bridge the gap between manual and automatic, but these remain the two most popular types that are found in the vast majority of vehicles.

How Can I Tell if My Transmission is Failing?

If you think your transmission is damaged and in need of repair, your best bet is to immediately contact your nearest Signature Tire to speak with one of our service professionals. There are plenty of warning signs to keep on the look out for when it comes to transmission issues, including:

  • Inability to put your vehicle into gear – If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you know that when you press the clutch in you should be able to transition between gears. If you find your transmission refusing to shift gears there are a number of potential problems you could be facing and you should contact us.
  • Leaking transmission fluid – Transmission fluid is crucial to enabling your vehicle to shift gears. This fluid is bright red, so it is very easy to spot if it is leaking. Additionally, your vehicle does not burn up transmission fluid, so if you notice it’s low when you check it, that means you’re dealing with a leak somewhere.
  • Sound – Transmissions in need of maintenance will often make a distinct noise, even when in neutral. These noises can be the sign of minor repair needs or, at times, something more serious, so it’s important get the opinion of a professional.
  • Smell – If you notice a burning smell when operating your vehicle, there’s a good chance it may be the scent of burning transmission fluid. This is a sign that your transmission is overheating and is in need of service.
  • Grinding gears / rough shifting – If you’re driving a manual vehicle and you notice a grinding sound when you shift, this is a sure sign of an issue that needs to be addressed. If you’re in an automatic vehicle and you find the shifts between gears to be anything more than a smooth transition, this is definitely a sign that there is something wrong with your transmission.
  • Slipping gears – A gear slip happens when your car pops out of gear and returns to neutral. This can be a serious problem if not addressed right away.

Transmission issues can cause even more damage if left unchecked. With this in mind, it’s recommended that you stop into your local Signature Tire if you have any concerns and we’ll be happy to address them.