A great set of wheels can say a lot about you and your vehicle. As a matter of fact, wheels are a great way to personalize your vehicle without compromising its performance. At Signature Tire, we are proud to offer an assortment of top quality wheel brands and styles that will suit any vehicle, including off-road and other extracurricular options.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are a great option for a driver who is looking to install their winter tires with as little hassle as possible. These wheels are usually less expensive than their alloy counterparts, making them a viable option for any driver on a budget. While many steel wheels offer a basic style, they can be further customized with the use of wheel covers.

Alloy Wheels

Not only do these wheels deliver a custom style, they weigh considerably less than steel wheels and offer improved acceleration and breaking. That said, they are more sensitive to harsh climates than steel wheels and should always be taken care of and stored properly in order to maintain their finish.

Stop into your local Signature Tire today to find out which wheels are right for you and your vehicle.