OTR & Commercial Tires

If you’re operating a large commercial vehicle or a fleet of commercial vehicles, it only makes sense that you would need commercial tires to keep your vehicles operating at their best and at the lowest cost per kilometre. These tires are built to stand up to the unique demands that are put on them day-to-day as they transport goods and cargo. Whether you’re operating construction or specialized  equipment in a quarry or the mine, building roads, logging in the forests or it’s just you and your backhoe, you will more than likely need a set of off the road (OTR) tires. At Signature Tire, we have the commercial truck or OTR tires you need from the brands you can trust, including BFGoodrich, Firestone, Yokohama, Michelin, GT Radial, General, Cooper, Continental, and Bridgestone and more.

Commercial Tires

Commercial tires are commonly seen on vehicles such as commercial busses, freight trucks,  and trailers. They are designed with reinforcements and distinct tread patterns that keep you confident that you’ll have control of your vehicle in any condition. Recent designs and compounds have led to a new generation of fuel efficient tires, many of which have been designated Smart-Way tires that meet US regulatory compliance. Come speak with a Signature Commercial Tire Specialist to ensure you have the right tire for the right job.

Generally a commercial vehicle will be setup in a dual configuration, that is to say, with two tires per position, but in recent years we’ve seen a rise in what is called a wide single tire. Wide single tires are much larger than standard commercial tires (on average they are 455 mm wide, whereas a standard commercial tire is usually between 275 mm – 295 mm). When in use, a wide single reduces weight by about 200 pounds per axle, which results in improved fuel economy, which is important for anyone making their living on the highways.

OTR Tires

It’s hard to miss an OTR tires, especially since they can often be larger than standard passenger vehicles. These tires are commonly seen on heavy duty construction vehicles such as loaders, trenchers, backhoes, as well as large-scale forestry vehicles, scrapers, articulated trucks, rigid frame mining trucks and underground scoops.

Generally, OTR tires will feature a radial construction. An OTR tire with a radial design can flex easily, providing a much smoother ride and increased traction when traversing rough surfaces. A radial tire’s design offers increased retreadability and inherently runs cool, which makes it prone to longer tread life. Consult with your Signature Tire OTR Specialist in order to ensure you are operating at the lowest cost per hour.

The Right Commercial Tires from the Right Place

In the end, the right commercial or OTR tire for you will come down to a mix of need and personal preference. One thing is for certain, tires such as these are an investment, so it’s important to find the exact ones that you need. When you’re ready to choose the commercial or OTR tires for you, stop into your local Signature Tire and have a chat with one of our experts.