Summer Tires & Performance

There was a time not long ago when summer or performance tires were considered to be an exclusive choice for driving enthusiasts with sporty or luxury vehicles. However, in recent years plenty of advancements have been made to summer and performance tires, making them a viable option for a wide assortment of drivers.

Performance or summer tires are designed specifically to improve your vehicle’s handling when faced with especially dry conditions while still allowing for some wet traction. These tires have tread patterns that cover a wide arrange of designs, from directional to asymmetrical, but one thing they generally all have in common is their wide grooves. These grooves are designed to channel water away from the contact patch of the tire, keeping you in contact with the road. This results in an intuitive driving experience anyone who loves their vehicle will definitely appreciate.

Performance tires are available in all season, touring, performance, high performance, and ultra high performance models. Stop into your local Signature Tire where you’ll find summer and performance tires from many top manufacturers, including Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, BFGoodrich, Firestone, GT Radial, Yokohama, Michelin, General, and more.

Are Summer and Performance Tires Right For You?

As mentioned above, performance and summer tires have been designed to give your vehicle a better grip on the road when the temperature rises above 7°C. Typically they are stiffer than all seasons, so if you’re a driver who is looking for tires that will allow you to push to higher speeds, brake more confidently, and attack any road with greater traction and control, performance or summer tires are definitely for you. In addition, performance and summer tires give your vehicle a great look, especially when paired with an eye-catching wheel and rim combination.

Many performance or summer tires are now made to incorporate run flat technology. Run flat tires have risen in popularity as vehicle manufacturers have begun to build more compact cars while maximizing internal space for more features. This design choice resulted in a very simple question: “where do you keep the spare?” Run flat tires help to eliminate this concern as they are designed to continue running (for a short distance and at a reduced speed) if your tire is punctured while driving. This temporary measure will allow you to continue driving long enough to find a service professional to properly assess and address the issue.

When you’re driving on performance or summer tires you should keep in mind that they are a little noisier than all seasons and your ride will also generally be firmer. It’s also worth noting that due to their purpose of providing stickiness through the tread, performance and summer tires usually wear a little more quickly than other options. In some cases, an original equipment set of performance or summer tires will need to be replaced around 35,000km. For more information on how long your tires should last, as well as which ones are right for your vehicle, stop into your local Signature Tire and speak with one of our experts.