Internationally respected and revered, Continental Tire is a leading German automative manufacturer that specializes in tires. They offer all season tires, light truck/SUV tires, and performance tires. As the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world, Continental Tire is proud to produce tires that are sought after for their durability, sustainability, and breaking ability. Breaking ability is especially important for Continental Tire, and their commitment to this has helped them to develop tires that brake faster and in shorter distances than the competition.

Continental Tire is constantly pushing to advance the technology they put into their tires. Over the years they have unveiled a number of exciting innovations, including ContiSeal™, which can be injected into your tires to prevent them from puncturing, and the Continental SSR, which is a run flat tire that is designed to resist deflation when punctured, allowing your vehicle to continue driving impressive distances at reduced speeds.

Continental Tire has always stood behind their tires, which is why they also offer comprehensive warranties, including replacements up to 72 months. Regardless of season or weather, you’re sure to feel safe with Continental Tire. Contact your local Signature Tire today to find the perfect set for you.

Continental Tire Options

Continental Tire — All Season

Continental Tire’s impressive range of all season tires include ContiTouring, ContiProContact, and ContiExtremeContact. These tires offer enough diversity to handle any season, as well as plenty of the breaking ability that Continental Tires are well known for.

Continental Tire — Light Truck/SUV

If you’re looking for your next great adventure in your truck or SUV, you need a set of Continental Tire’s Light Truck/SUV tires. What sets these tires apart is their distinct, asymmetrical groove patterns that help them stand up to the most challenging of terrain. Whether you’re headed off-road or off to pick the kids up at school, these tires will have your truck or SUV covered.

Continental Tire — Performance

Continental Tire’s performance tires are just the set for any driver who’s really looking to push the limits of what their vehicle can do. And with Continental Tire’s renowned breaking distances, you can rest assured that you’re always going to be in control when you sit behind the wheel.

More About Continental Tire

Continental Tire was founded in 1871 in Hanover, Germany and has long been recognized for their “Rampant Horse” logo. Today, one in three vehicles in Europe comes standard with a set of Continental Tires, and they are proud to be the original equipment manufacturer for several leading car companies including BMW and Audi.

With nearly 200,000 employees worldwide, Continental Tire is also known for the manufacturing of brake systems, power train components, interiors, and more. If safety and reliability are paramount to you when you’re looking for a new set of tires, Continental Tire is definitely the right brand for you.

Continental Tire also provides their free Total Confidence Plan standard with every purchase of Continental Tires. Learn more! 

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