GTRadial tires at Signature Tire Centres

Despite the fact that they are a relatively young company, GT Radial has made an impressive and immediate impact on the tire world. Well known for their all season tires, winter tires, SUV and light truck tires, and performance tires, GT Radial produces tires for passenger cars, SUVs, CUVs, pickup trucks, vans, light trucks, commercial heavy trucks, and buses.

In addition, GT Radial is also well known for their relationship with the motorsport world. As a matter of fact, GT Radial are the primary tire sponsor for Volkswagen Motorsport events in China, such as the Formula Masters China and the Scirocco R-Cup China series. GT Radial also has an association with drifting, and sponsor several driver on the US-based Formula Drift circuit.

GT Radial’s focus on motorsport tires has only served to benefit casual drivers from all walks of life. The technology they have developed on the track has perfectly transferred to the highway, leaving you with impressively dependable tires that you know you can trust. If you’re ready to find the right GT Radial tires for you, contact your local Signature Tire today.

GT Radial Tire Options

GT Radial Tires — All Season

GT Radial Tires are well known for their superior handling in any number of different weather conditions. The Maxtour, Wingro, and Champiro all deliver smooth performance and durability that is sure keep you comfortable every time you start your engine.

GT Radial Tires — Winter

Once the weather gets icy and cold, you’ll want to set your sights on GT Radial’s winter tires. The Champiro IcePro, the Savero, and the Maxmiler tires all offer impressive maneuverability and traction as you head out to face the Canadian winter.

GT Radial Tires — Light Truck/SUV

GT Radial’s light truck and SUV tires include the Savero, the Champiro, and the Adventuro. These tires are all well known for their long lasting durability, as well as their amazing traction that will keep your in control where ever the adventure takes you.

GT Radial Tires — Performance

GT Radial’s Performance Champiro tires are perfect for drivers who really want to take control of their car when they hit the road. These performance tires offer uncompromising handling, so you can really let loose behind the wheel.

More About GT Radial

Headquartered in Singapore, GT Radial’s parent company, Giti Tire, has over 32,000 employees worldwide, as well as eight manufacturing facilities. Their tires are also available in more than 100 countries. Their size has helped place them in the top 10 of tire manufacturers in the world based on revenue.

Giti Tire has won numerous awards over the years for their commitment to quality manufacturing, including the Superior Quality Excellence Award in 2012. Their successes have resulted in GT Radial becoming an original equipment supplier for General Motors.