BFGoodrich tires at Signature Tire Centres

For over a century, BFGoodrich has been synonymous with tire excellence and you’ll see why with their range of winter tires, all season tire, SUV and truck tires, and performance tires. As America’s first tire manufacturer, they serve drivers who have a desire for getting behind the wheel and seeing what their vehicle can really do. Today, BFGoodrich offer winter tires, all season tires, and performance tires for everything from passenger vehicles, SUVs and trucks, to commercial farming equipment, airplanes, and more. All BFGoodrich tires are made with passion. That’s because they are made by folks who spend their spare time at the race track or off-roading through the mud. They love driving, and most of all, they love their BFGoodrich tires.

BFGoodrich Tire Options

BFGoodrich All Season Tires

All Season tires are ideal for everyday driving and feature the perfect amount of grip for great handling. The T/A Everyday Tires offer everything you will need for a comfortable drive.

BFGoodrich Winter Tires

One of the most well known BFGoodrich tires is the Slalom KSI. Designed for use on passenger cars, SUV/CUVs and light duty pick up trucks, these tires will give you superior handling when they weather leaves the roads wet, slushy, snow covered, or iced over.

BFGoodrich Light Truck and SUV Tires

This line of BFGoodrich tires is designed for SUV and truck owners who are looking to make the most out their time in their vehicle. These tires invented the all-terrain category, and continue to set the standard when it comes to performance.

BFGoodrich Performance Tires

These are the tires for drives who want faster acceleration, harder cornering, and more fun than ever when they get behind the wheel. Ultra-high performing, these tires are more than capable for what you have in mind.

Why Choose BFGoodrich Tires?

BFGoodrich tires are more than just round rubber things that you throw on your car. They are pieces of equipment that utilize a unique mix of physics, chemistry, and engineering in order to keep you and your family safe in any road conditions. In doesn’t matter if you’re a serious car enthusiast with intense tire demands, or just looking for the best way to get your kids safely to hockey practice in the winter, BFGoodrich is sure to have the right tires for you.

The BFGoodrich level of excellence at the competitive level has helped to craft some of the most dependable tires on the road today. Popular amongst enthusiasts and casual drivers alike, BFGoodrich tires are a smart choice for style and dependability. Contact your local Signature Tire today to find the right set of BFGoodrich tires for you.

BFGoodrich Tires have been associated with several noteworthy vehicles over the years. For example, in 1903, the first car to successfully cross the continental United Sates of America was outfitted with BFGoodrich tires. What’s more, so was the legendary “Spirit of St. Louis” Airplane in 1927. BFGoodrich tires were even fitted on the Columbia space shuttle during its construction. Not only that, but cars sporting BRGoodrich tires have scored 20 Consecutive SCORE Baja 1000 wins, 5 wins at the Paris-Dakar Rally, and 17 X Games Super Rally Medals.