Yokohama tires at Signature Tire Centres

Yokohama has been focused on giving drivers better control behind the wheel for over 90 years now. Since day one, they have achieved this by completely devoting themselves to the advancement of tire technology. This commitment resulted in the company becoming the first in Japan to be granted ISO9001 certification in recognition of their high levels of quality assurance in design, development, manufacturing, and installation. Today, Yokohama is pleased to offer its customers all season tires, winter tires, light truck/SUV tires, and performance tires.

Yokohama is also known for being a very environmentally conscious company. Currently, they have ongoing initiatives in place that have helped to eliminate the use of CFCs and trichloroethane from the manufacturing process. Additionally, they switched from heavy oil to natural gas in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Yokohama has taken their tires beyond the highway and onto the racetrack. They are well known for their participation in the American Le Mans Series as well as the Red Line Time Attack. In addition, they are the official tire supplier for the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, the World Touring Car Championship, and the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup race. Everything they have learned in the motorsport world has served to increase the already impressive quality of their tires. Regardless of your needs, there’s no doubt that Yokohama will have what you need. Check out your local Signature Tire today to find the right Yokohama tires for you.

Yokohama Tire Options

Yokohama Tires — All Season

Yokohama’s all season tires are popular for drivers who are looking for great handling in a wide assortment of conditions. Durably built and designed with the environment in mind, Yokohama’s all season tires are sure to keep you safe.

Yokohama Tires — Winter

Yokohama offers winter tires for trucks and cars alike. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, you’ll feel secure when you head out on the wintery road with these Yokohama tires.

Yokohama Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Yokohama’s light truck/SUV tires are designed for every type of driver. If you’re primarily hitting the highway, the Geolander H/T-S models will be just right for you. The Geolander A/T-S has you covered if you’re looking for more traction to meet your off road needs, while the Geolander M/T Plus is a must for extreme drivers who who need serious treads for their adventures.

Yokohama Tires — Performance

If you’re looking for nothing short of maximum performance, these are the tires for you. Yokohama’s performance tires well help you push your vehicle to the limit. With ultimate handling, unsurpassable traction, and the versatility you crave, performance tires are the right call for the serious driver.

More About Yokohama

Founded in 1917, the Yokohama Rubber Company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Most of Yokohama’s North American tires are produced in their plant in Salem, Virginia.

Globally, Yokohama employs nearly 15,000 employees. In addition to producing tires, Yokohama are the 2015/16 sponsors of the Chelsea Football Club in the English Premier League, as well as the Boston Celtics and the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.