Bridgestone tires at Signature Tire Centres

Bridgestone has long been trusted as a company that designs tires to offer an important blend of high-quality durability and functionality. Founded in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan by Shojiro Ishibashi (whose name actually translates to “Stone bridge”), Bridgestone’s all season tires, winter tires, light truck/SUV tires, and performance tires are going to be there for you through many long drives in any type of weather that you can imagine.

It’s been nearly 85 years since the very first Bridgetone tire was produced, and they have been focused on innovation and advancement ever since. For example, In 1951, Bridgestone was the first company in Japan to produce rayon cord tires, and in 1959 they began to produce nylon tires. This commitment to making use of the latest technology for the benefit of their customers has helped Bridgestone to build an exceptionally strong reputation among not only drivers looking for safety when they take to the highways, but also with professional F1 drivers, where they are the tires of choice for many race teams. There’s no doubt about it, Bridgestone is here to address the tire needs of a wide assortment of customers. Contact your local Signature Tire today to find the perfect Bridgestone tires for you.

Bridgestone Tire Options

Bridgestone Tires — All Season

Bridgestone’s All Season tires are designed to make sure you get plenty of handling and great overall performances in any season. Well known for their comfort, these tires also feature reduced rolling resistance, and select models include warranties on treadwear.

Bridgestone Tires — Winter

Bridgestone’s Blizzak tires have developed an impressive reputation over the years. That’s because they’re trusted by so many to help keep their families safe when they’re out on the road in winter conditions. With weather sipes that act as a squeegee to channel away slush, and tread compounds that are silica-based for an extra grip, you’re sure to feel confident as you head out on the road in the Canadian winter.

Bridgestone Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Bridgestone’s Dueler tires are designed to take on the rugged terrain you’ll want to traverse in your truck or SUV. With tread designs that are made for whatever you can throw at it, these tires are sure to offer a comfortable ride where ever your next adventure takes you.

Bridgestone Tires — Performance

Bridgestone’s performance tires are well known around the world for their exceptional control, handling, and durability. If you’re looking for the right tires for your sporty or luxury vehicle, Bridgestone’s Potenza performance tires are definitely the right way to go.

More About Bridgestone

Bridgestone continued its growth in 1988 when it purchased Firestone for $2.6 billion, transforming them into the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Today, Bridgestone Americas (BSAM) combines an international family of enterprises with more than 50,000 employees and 52 production facilities throughout the Americas.

Even as Bridgestone continues to be the world leader in tire technology, it has never strayed from its commitment to providing second to none customer service and products for consumers to enjoy. Perhaps founder Shojiro Ishibashi said it best when he made it clear that Bridgestone is dedicated to “Serving society with superior quality.”