GeneralTire at Signature Tire Centres

A general is tough, dependable, and a leader, so it’s no wonder that William F. O’Neil and his parter Winfred E. Fouse named their company General Tire. One of America’s oldest tire manufacturers, General Tire have been producing quality tires since 1915. Today, they offer all season tires, light truck/SUV tires, and performance tires.

General Tire has always had a focus on innovation, ever since they introduced the first balloon jumbo tire in the mid 1920s. Their constant desire to perfect the modern tire has helped them to produce tires that drivers everywhere can depend on to keep them in control, where ever the road (or off road) may take them. Today, General offer all seasons, light truck and SUVs, and performance tires for consumers who are dedicated to driving on the best.

If you’re a driver who demands a set of tires that will keep you in control under any circumstances, you’ll like what General Tire has to offer. Contact your local Signature Tire store today and get set up with your General Tires today.

General Tire Options

General Tire — All Season

All seasons from General Tire are perfect if you’re a driver who is looking for balanced handling in nearly any weather conditions. The Altima and AmeriTrac options are both well known for being focused on delivering smooth rides to drivers, while being long-wearing and built to last.

General Tire — Light Truck/SUV

If you’re a driver who likes to take the adventure off road in your truck or SUV, you’re going to want to see what the General Tire Grabber and AmeriTrac tires can offer you. With plenty of tread designed to ensure your vehicle can stand up to whatever you toss its way, these durable tires will have you and your family covered every kilometre of the journey.

General Tire — Performance

General Tire Performance tires are perfect for drivers who really want to push their vehicles to the limit. The Grabber, Exclaim, and G-Max series all provide drivers with incredible handling in dry and wet conditions, giving you total comfort and control without sacrificing an ounce of style.

More About General Tire

Since 1987, General Tire has been owned by Continental Tire. This merger resulted in one of the world’s largest producers of tires and rubber products. Never a company to rest on its laurels, General Tire recently celebrated what they refer to as “100 years of adventure.” As a leader in development, production and marketing of automotive tires, General has solidified its place in the driver’s seat.