If you demand the most out of your vehicle, you deserve a set of Toyo tires. Offering all season, winter, light truck/SUV, and performance options, Toyo tires will keep you safe and in control.

For over seven decades, Toyo Tires have been fitting vehicles around the world with tires that are well respected for their construction and innovation. Perhaps most notably, Toyo Tires have a strong relationship with on and off-road endurance racers. This is because of their ability to stand-up to even the most extreme surfaces and weather conditions. When you stop into your local Signature Tire, you’ll find Toyo’s all-season tires, winter tires light truck or SUV tires, and performance tires.

What really sets Toyo Tires apart from the competition is the lengths they go to in order to test and develop their tires. Take, for example, their line of Observe winter tires. These tires are uniquely designed for the Canadian winter, so what did they do? They tested them in Canada, ensuring they could live up to keeping you and your family safe when the snow begins to fall. It’s no wonder Toyo’s slogan is “Driven to perform…even in the worst conditions.”

Toyo Tire’s focus on ensuring that their tires are built to last has led to the company being awarded the Overall Consumer Brand Award seven times. This means regardless of your tire needs, Toyo can deliver. If you’re not exactly sure which Toyo Tires are right for your vehicle, we recommend that you stop into your local Signature Tire and speak to one of our experienced technicians. They will be happy to help you find the tires you need. With many Toyo Tires, you’ll even receive a limited treadwear warranty between 80,000km and 100,000km.

Toyo Tire Options

Toyo Tires — All Season

Toyo Tire’s all season options offer security and durability in any weather. The Versado range is their most popular, thanks, in part, to their eco-friendly design that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of durability.

Toyo Tires — Winter

When winter hits you will definitely appreciate these tires. Toyo Tire’s Open Country and Observe lines of winter tires will keep you in control in even the harshest of cold Canadian weather.

Toyo Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Toyo provides a wide assortment of light truck/SUV tire options to suit the needs of nearly any driver. If you’re after a set of tires for your vehicle that will be able to handle any conditions, these tires are the perfect choice for you.

Toyo Tires — Performance

With Toyo Performance Tires, drivers can really get the most out of their vehicles and look great while doing it! With second-to-none handling and cutting edge technology, these are the perfect tires for those who are after a little more!

More About Toyo Tires

Founded in 1945, Toyo has always been a manufacturer of tires and other rubber products. Over time, Toyo expanded to provide tires for trucks, and eventually incorporated a second manufacturing facility to keep up with demand. This was followed by their first research and development centre, which opened in the 1960s and solidified Toyo’s reputation as a true innovator.

Beyond tires, Toyo is known for their sponsorship of many athletes and teams from around the globe. These include a wide assortment of racing teams, as well as Team Canada’s Winter National Team athletes, and the AC Milan football club in Italy.